What are the school​ times?

The official instruction time starts at 8.55am and finishes at 3pm. Students are expected to be at school by no later than 8.50am in time for roll call.

Students break for lunch at 10.55–11.35am and 1.35–2.15pm.

When does t​he office open?

The office opens at 8.15am each morning and closes at 3.30pm each afternoon.

The phone is answered between 8.15am and 3.30pm each day. A message can be left on the school message service outside of these hours.

When is assemb​ly on?

Junior assemblies are held in the hall each fortnight on Wednesdays at 2.15pm of the odd weeks of term (1, 3, 5, 7, 9).

Senior assemblies are held in the hall each fortnight on Wednesdays at 2.15pm of the even weeks of term (2, 4, 6, 8, 10).

Parents, families and community members are welcome to attend any assembly.

When are P&C meetings held?

P&C meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm in the school Administration Building. All welcome to attend.

Uniform and canteen

What colour shoes can my child wear?

Black covered shoes with navy blue socks is the appropriate footwear as per the school’s uniform policy.

When is the Uniform Shop open and how do I contact them?

The Uniform Shop is open on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8–9am.

Cash and card is accepted.

If you are unable to visit during these times, contact the office and make alternate arrangements.

On what days is ​canteen open and how do I order?

Canteen operates on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can order online at after registering your details or you can order using the paper bag service ($0.50 charge).

The menu is available on the Documents page.


What happens if my child is sick and I need to pick them up or they need to go to an appointment ​during the day?

If your child is sick and needs to go home, you will be called and asked to collect them from the office. They will be signed out once picked up.

If you are picking your child up for an appointment, go to the office and the office staff will call the classroom to ask for the child to be sent. Please aim to pick your child up before or after lunch breaks due to the difficulty in locating during lunchtime.

Unless there are special circumstances, parents will not be allowed through to pick their child up from the classroom during the day.

What do I do if m​y child is late for school?

Please send your child to the office to receive a late slip which is to be handed to the class teacher on arrival (after 8.50am). However, please avoid late arrivals where possible.

If my child’s attendance is less than 95% for the semester, can they still participate in the Gold Superstar reward on Rewards Day?

No. There must be reasons provided for all absences. It is at the principal’s discretion as to whether the reason is acceptable to exempt them from the absence being counted towards the rewards day.

Personal/School property

If my child has lost something, where should I look?

The lost property items are kept outside of G Block (opposite the Administration Building). Please check here if the lost item is not in or around your child’s classroom.

Is my child allowed to​ bring a mobile phone to school?

If your child brings a mobile phone to school, they will be asked to keep it in a locked drawer in the office for the day. They will then be able to pick their phone up at 3pm. These should be sent for emergency use only or for your child’s trip to and from school.

What happens ​if my child loses their library book?

You may be invoiced for the replacement costs of any lost library books or books that are damaged beyond repair. The cost of the book/resource is dependent on a number of factors. Please check with the office and they will organise for the invoice to be sent to you or email


I need to pay an invoice. ​How can I do that?

You can pay an invoice the following ways (in order of preference):

  1. BPoint online through the QParents app.
  2. Bank transfer.
  3. Cashier window along the western side of the Administration Building (cash or card) between 8.15–9.30am.
  4. Centrepay (this must be arranged through a meeting with the Business Manager).

Can I set up a payment plan to pay invoices (i.e. Student Resource Scheme, camps​, etc​.)?​

Yes. You can arrange a payment plan with the Business Manager. Payment schedules are flexible and can be set up for weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

Centrepay is also an option.


I’m concerned about m​y child’s learning and would like some advice on how to help my child. Who should I talk to?

In the first instance, you should make a time to speak with the class teacher. Meetings should be arranged for before or after school hours.

You might also like to speak with a specialist teacher or support teacher. This can be arranged through a conversation with the class teacher.

In some cases, our Head of Diverse Learners, specialist staff and other members of Admin may be the most appropriate person to meet with. This can be organised by contacting the class teacher.

If I need to set up a meeting​ with the principal or deputy principal, how do I do that?

Please see the administration staff in the front office. They have access to the principal’s and deputy principal’s calendar and will schedule you in for a meeting time.


How will I know if my child has an excursion coming up, how much to pay and the permission form to sign?

Mostly, excursions will be advertised by the class teacher in class newsletters at the beginning of the term. Once organised, the excursion note, invoice and Facebook message will be sent out. All current excursion forms are available on the school website at Documents page.

Excursions are expected to be paid in full by the due date in order for your child to attend. No late payments will be accepted.

Any questions relating to the excursion should be directed to the class teacher.

If my child is sick or can’t at​tend an excursion that I have paid for, will I get reimbursed?

You will need to read the refund policy and complete a Refund form (accessed on the Documents page). Once the form is completed, it can be taken to the office or emailed to

Leaving the school

I have moved​ residence and am leaving the school to go to a different school. Wh​at do I need to do?

Inform the office by completing and signing a transfer form (available from the front office). It is important to notify the school of your intention to leave and where you are enrolling.

All outstanding payments will need to finalised. Any surplus money after finalising all accounts will be credited to you.​​​

Last reviewed 20 May 2019
Last updated 20 May 2019